No matter the place you are going and whatever if you packing for a short city break or for a two-weeks real holidays, you can always use some great tips to help you minimize your load and maximize the adventure.

Everything starts with choosing the right travel bag, so the Hynes Eagle collection of high-end travel bags and backpacks you will be able to travel light. This is a useful list of tips and tricks on how to properly prepare and pack your bags for short or long trips.

  1. First of all, you can start by writing a quick list with the absolute necessary things you need to take such as toiletries, clothes, makeup, carry-on, etc. Also write some optional things just in case you can’t take them all and you will need to leave behind some of them.
  2. In order to save space and stop creasing, you can roll the clothes instead of folding them and then place them into vacuum compression bags.
  3. Avoid stains by packing the light colored clothes inside out and pack your perfumes, makeup and other liquid product separately in plastic bags. Another trick is to keep the hotel disposable shower caps and use them to cover the base of your shoes.
  4. Keep your things always fresh especially for the long flights and trips using some small bags of scented lavender or dry rose petals, fabric conditioner sheets or scented drawer liners. All of these tricks will keep your clothes fresh and smelling nice even after a 12-18 hours flight.
  5. Keep your gadgets safe with the ziplock bags. Chargers, headphones, adaptors or tablet, phone and laptop, they all need to be protected while you are on the road that’s why you will need to get yourself a stash of ziplock bags.
  6. If you are a makeup lover and those products don’t ever miss from your travel bags, then you should know that for keeping your eyeshadows or pressed powder in perfect shape, you can place a flat cotton wool pad between the lid and the product.
  7. Always buy lightweight suitcases like the ones from Hynes Eagle because they will help you when you have a certain weight limit. For example, the hardshell suitcases can add up to four kilos of weight so why not use that weight for carrying your necessary belongings?!
  8. The best way to fit everything into your bag is to fill every inch of space. You can roll the clothes, use packing cubes, do everything it takes to use your suitcase at full capacity.
  9. As much as you love reading, books are pretty heavy and taking them with you might not be such a good idea. It is recommended to use a single device as an e-reader or a tablet.
  10. One smart trick of staying safe during your holidays is to keep your valuable things as keys, cash, jewelry, phone into an empty sun lotion or shower gel container.